You were once one cell for half an hour.

I recently ran into an old acquaintance from high school who I haven’t seen in five years and the first question he asked me, after first telling me which top ten grad school he was attending,  was “so do you think you’ve grown?” (sympathetic nod of the head included).  I was totally taken off guard (and well naturally a little – okay a lot – offended) but his question got me thinking about the way people everywhere react to the concept of change.  The uncertainty and the unknown hang like formless shadows in our waking existences, constantly serving as a reminder of how our choices create consequences, yet never allowing us the liberty to see how these shadows take form until a new shadow has taken its place.

So to all those who fear change, first look at your own body.  We, ourselves, our physical bodies on the most basic and elemental level are ALWAYS changing as our cells are constantly dying and regenerating.  Literally every second is another opportunity and another chance to create a better you.  So if you had a bad day (because they happen) think about all the second chances you are creating for yourself by simply existing and imagine the control you can exert over your cellular anatomy via naps, yoga, dark chocolate, who you choose to spend your time with, what you choose to read and listen to and how you CHOOSE to recognize your own indestructibility.

I think this poster from GOOD might explain it a little better . . .

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Learning and Organizational Change graduate student at Northwestern University. Yogi. Happy.
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