Make Tea Not War – well, for women at least . . .

The temperature is starting to drop, soon the leaves will follow and we will be ushered into the best season of the year.  That’s right – it’s leather boots and tea season served with an apple crisp on the side.

And for women, Harvard Business Review has given us another reason to indulge in the wonderful world of tea on blustery afternoons. Lindsay St. Claire posits that when women drink caffeine they become not only more productive, but also more collaborative.

“When it comes to collaborating on stressful tasks, caffeine impairs men’s performance but boosts women’s, according to a study led by Lindsay St. Claire, of the University of Bristol. The researchers call for further investigation of men’s inclinations to “fight or flee” under stress while women “tend and befriend,” and of whether caffeine somehow intensifies those behaviors. And they posit that serving caffeinated drinks at business meetings might “unintentionally sabotage” the collaboration needed to resolve the issues on the agenda, especially in male-dominated environments.” (June, HBR).

So cheers ladies – to afternoon tea and leather boots!

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Learning and Organizational Change graduate student at Northwestern University. Yogi. Happy.
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  1. 2737bc says:

    Viva la Tea!

    Follow us for everything tea related.

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