Check and balances: Michele Bachmann meet Greenpeace

Diesel Jeans Gobal Warming Ad

Not to sound too dour, but let’s face it – things aren’t looking good.

Throughout my Chicagoan childhood, I’ve experienced some rather intense Midwestern storms, yet this summer’s anomalies of basement floods and hiding from tornadoes in restaurant storage space has trumped them all. Tornados and floods dominated June and July’s newscasts, producing a fear among Chicago locals equivalent to the emotional up and downs of the current August newscasts regarding the shaky economy.

With tsunamis thundering up on Japan’s shores, record amounts of snow falling in New Zealand (North and South Islands) and dust storms dancing across Arizona and the American Southwest, I feel as though most of us can agree that weather patterns are changing. Everywhere.

And quickly.

On top of the environmental turntable, Obama’s approval rating has slumped to an all time low for his term at 40% and the Republicans may very well decide to nominate Michele Bachmann for the 2012 election, an individual flirting with actual insanity.  She was quoted in the August 15th New Yorker, “It was very helpful to join the prayer group. That’s when I gave my life over God, and it was a life-changing experience for me to recognize that I wanted him to be in control of my life rather than me being in control of my life.” Oh Great – someone who doesn’t want to exert control over the future of her life . . . exactly who I want running the White House controlling the future of our country.

Bachmann is willing to grant control in one area: the environment. Both Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry refuse to acknowledge the reality of Global Warming and the results that will sprout if the world continues on the same path.  Bachmann states, “I guarantee you the EPA will have doors locked and lights turned off . . . It will be a new day and a new sheriff in Washington, D.C.”

So before we all head off to our private corners to wallow in self-pity about the idiots running for the most powerful position in the country and among the world, here’s to recognizing the under-appreciated and innovative efforts of those who are willing to  eloquently and creatively exert some CONTROL over changing the environmental crisis at hand.

Here are some of the most influential environmental ads today. Enjoy them and spread them.

Greenpeace Campaign

“White is the new green. Simply painting your roof white reflects the sun’s rays, which helps cool down the environment. in the fight against global warming, one degree cooler in our cities equates to three degrees cooler at the poles. Which means a better chance of survival for animals like the Polar Bear, whose home is melting at a rapid rate.”

Denver water campaign

Greenpeace Ocean Campaign

Greenpeace; Wasting paper - It kills more than trees.

Diesel Jeans

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4 Responses to Check and balances: Michele Bachmann meet Greenpeace

  1. How informative. I didn’t know about painting roofs white. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mike says:

    Those Diesel ads are weird. Agree about the rest. Did you know that Bachman also called Russia the Soviet Union in an interview this weekend? What a genius…

    • aweinfur says:

      and the list continues . . .

    • aweinfur says:

      Also, the Diesel ads are really weird but I really like them. It seems to be saying that if even the most self-absorbed money burning industry cares about the environment, then we have a serious problem. Also, I find it really interesting that in the AD Diesel portrays its own consumers as a self indulgent, high society, socially ignorant group of people pursuing their own enjoyment above the concern for the issues surrounding them. This alludes to big companies selfishly destroying the environment for personal gain. It’s very clever – it’s also very curious that they would portray their own target consumers in such a light.

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