Naive Maturity

Bansky is one of my favorite artists – I love his simple but profound way of mysteriously communicating to the world through street art. Turning the ordinary into something extraordinary.  While some of his work speaks for itself, some if it remains more controversial as he sneaks through the night to challenge society on war, peace and love.

Girl with  Heart Balloon is one his trademarks, popping up in various locations throughout London.  In its simplicity it flirts with love, innocence, mistakes, and regret. Is the girl is naively chasing after a lost love that she has no hope of finding or is she instead deciding to release a love in order to grow up. Letting go in order to move on?

I think the latter.

Bansky and "Girl with Heart Balloon"

Enjoy some of Bansky’s other works, especially in a time of turmoil and violence in London and Everywhere.

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Learning and Organizational Change graduate student at Northwestern University. Yogi. Happy.
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2 Responses to Naive Maturity

  1. Not So Plain Jane Oh says:

    Nice post. I am a fan of Banksy not because of his known mysterious street art, but because of his courage to share the most sensitive subject of human nature.

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