rasie the roof.

“Raise the Roof: Chair”


Since coming home from Vietnam, I have encountered the obvious forms of culture shock. Yes – I continue to be amazed  at how quiet the streets of Chicago seem and that no one is trying to rob me or rip me off or honk at me or run me over  . . . well I tell myself that anyways.  I’m sure my naivety will show me up soon enough.

Coming home has brought on – as expected – an unexpected rude awakening.  In Vietnam, limbless land mine victims shadowed me wherever I went. Over time, they became a part of the landscape as a language barrier and my own selective vision separated their reality from mine.

Back home in Chicago, this city integrates the urban with natural and land with lake but actively divides the rich and poor and white and black.  I am suddenly thrown back into all of America’s problems and am finding that I can’t block out their pleas with the horn of my motorbike.

About aweinfur

Learning and Organizational Change graduate student at Northwestern University. Yogi. Happy.
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1 Response to rasie the roof.

  1. Maria says:

    I can relate, how shallow we are when we think we can make trash beautiful. And choose to not help our fellow man shine.

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