“Teacherrr – you’ll never find a husband if you keep dressing like that”

loving life.

“Teaaaa-cherrr, you’re never going to find a husband if you keep dressing like that.”  These are the first words spoken to me as I walk into my classroom on a Friday night to a room full of 12-year-olds.  Mind you it perhaps wasn’t my most flattering outfit – it was Friday and clean laundry was limited.  But still.  Marriage advice. From 12-year-olds.

“Class why don’t you let me worry about finding a husband and you can worry about answering the questions about today’s very important “culture” lesson on James Bond (yes I am paid to spend an hour and 20 minutes talking about James Bond. We also have a  unit dedicated to Sherlock Holmes.)

Another pipes in, “Teach-errr you should really only wear pink, yellow and red.”

I tried to tell them that the dark green and brown that I was wearing are actually complementary colors for my skin tone and that red hair and pink actually create a rather tragic picture.   It was no use.

Their response: And purple!”

“Yes! And purple teacher!!” The rest of the class readily agrees.

All this coming from a class of kids in a “conservative” country where students are supposed to show nothing by uttermost respect for their elders and always cover their shoulders.

What a misperception that it is.

"Chipmunk" showing his usual sass.

"Chipmunk" showing his usual sass.

This class, which happens to be my favorite, shows such confidence and enthusiasm for me, for each other and for loving life.

Regardless, this does not change the fact that twice a week I find myself rummaging through my wardrobe trying to adhere to the ever-growing list of fashion offenses and restrictions this class has set forth.

One pair of earings yields comments like, “teacherrrr – you look like a teenager.”  If I had any authority over this class I just lost it with my dangly earings.

One of my (formerly) favorite dresses gets this lovely reaction. . . “Teacher!! What happened to your body? You look pregnant.  You should really wear a belt next time.”  (I haven’t worn this dress since mind you).

But at the end of the day, it’s their comments (however honest they might be) that make me laugh and keep me coming back.

Only a couple of weeks left with these ones and I already miss them.


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2 Responses to “Teacherrr – you’ll never find a husband if you keep dressing like that”

  1. polly breen says:

    Those children do look like sooo much fun! I can feel the happy energy of your classroom through your words. :-))

  2. Eric Martin Mrisha says:

    Good to have an interesting active class as such. I would love to show my appreciation to such a class.

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