A Fresh Saturday.


Annie and my strawberry "soup" at Farm

Usually my Saturday mornings begin at 6:30 AM when my alarm goes off and I naturally roll over until 6:40 when I roll out of bed (gone are the days when I would actually take the time and effort to shower) and bike off to work in a daze only to be taken completely by surprise by a room of loud and energetic seven year olds . . . This pattern continues all Saturday long and is often rolls into Sunday as well.  On friday nights, a time when the rest of the world kicks of their shoes and throws a couple down, the English teacher community in Vietnam is taking a deep breath and preparing for the adorable chaos that awaits them in the morning.


Enjoying the way weekends should be.

What a glorious surprise to find out yesterday that all my classes of lil’ ones were canceled for today.  Time to enjoy a proper Saturday in Saigon. And enjoy I did –  A morning yoga class followed by home cooked eggs and rosemary and followed by two hours at a new charming cafe drinking the most marvelous strawberry smoothie (served in a giant soup cup) with Carla Bruni playing in the background.


Perfect place for me . . . ginger roots scatter the garden!

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Learning and Organizational Change graduate student at Northwestern University. Yogi. Happy.
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