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Gluten-free in an allergy-free world

Last night, I sat on the back of my roommate’s motorbike holding four amazing smelling pizzas from Saigon’s best pizza joint, Scoozies,  all the while wallowing in self-pity knowing that while my friends were eating chicken pesto pizza – I … Continue reading

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Growing up in Neverland?

The other day, my roommate Allison related living in Saigon to living in Peter Pan’s Neverland.  It’s this magical place where rules don’t exist and time simply does; days blend into weeks which blend into months and 5 years later … Continue reading

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Shout outs to mom and dad

Dearest mother and father, No fear, you are far from forgotten all these miles away in Saigon.  Instead, I’m lying in a pile of letters addressed specifically to YOU from my quirky students.  Below is a selection of letters, retyped … Continue reading

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Time after Time.

Time has always been one the most miraculous and mystifying experiences in life.  How can something that supposedly never changes transcend so quickly and so slowly at the same time? Moments that occur in a fraction of a second can … Continue reading

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