Me, Myself & Mui Ne

The other Friday I opened my schedule for the upcoming week expecting to see the days Wednesday through Monday filled in with hours when to my astounded surprise I saw not one but TWO days left untouched.  Even more exciting was the fact that they were two days right next to each other.  My Wednesday class was moved to Sunday for the week, leaving me with two glorious days off in a row.  Oh how I have been taking the glory of a weekend for granted all these years.  Tuesday and Wednesday off may not be the typical weekend, but it was a good enough of an excuse for me to exchange the honking horns and exhaust of Saigon for the washing waves and sand of Mui Ne.

Given that no one else was blessed with such a wonderful gap of time, I set off solo for the beach town of Mui Ne, about a five hour bus ride north.  It’s amazing how I am able to fling myself halfway across the world to Vietnam yet still struggle with the thought of having to travel with myself for two and a half days. ALONE.  I shockingly have never really spent so much time with myself before.  And guess what, I don’t have as many deep or provoking thoughts as I thought I’d have.  Luckily, there were some other beautiful distractions to keep me entertained!  Enjoy.

Red sand dunes

PS.  On a side note, given the rather meager selection of books here in Vietnam, I am quite desperate for a good read.  If you’re looking for an excuse to make some more space on your bookshelf, I know of an eager red head (ahem me) who would appreciate any donations!

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