Ignorance really is Bliss?

Floating along the Mekong!

Last Thursday afternoon me and Mike were sitting around our apartment when all of a sudden we decided that we had no plans, no obligations, and were soon going to be working 7 days a week for the next three months.  A preemptive vacation and adventure is needed to get us ready for the working world in HCM.  Due to either our real drive for spontaneity (or rather our extensive laziness) our planning reached the point of us picking a general region to head off toward (the Mekong Delta) and a general idea of how to get there (“well the Lonely Planet says we can take a public bus there?”).  Never before have I put so little effort into planning a trip and have had so much success . . .  with a little bit of luck (and a whole lot of trust in the locals) Me and Mike simply allowed fate to take its course and show us the real Mekong Delta.  I have a lot to say about this short weekend reprieve, but for now, I’m still marveling at our own ignorance somehow got us so far.

Floating houses.

So off we go to the bus station bright and early Friday morning only to realize that ermmm – there are 50 buses and we don’t speak Vietnamese.  After showing someone the page in the Lonely Planet that says My Tho, he calmly declared we needed to get on bus number 9 . . . except there are four buses labeled 9.  So as me and Mike stood in front of all four #9 buses (none of which said My Tho on them) one of the drivers motioned us on to his bus and we figured . . . well why not.  After about 25 minutes, the bus pulled over to a curb and everyone motioned for us to get off, which we eventually did (because we didn’t know what else to do) and miraculously another bus emerges from traffic with the words MY THO clearly and boldly displayed on its dashboard.  It pulled over, we hopped on and I settled into nap mode for the next hour and a half.  Success.

If that wasn’t enough, seconds off the bus we were befriended (more like claimed) by these moto drivers/ tour guides who basically arranged our entire weekend for us.  They were also the most capitalistic people I’ve met so far; we were even wooed with free moto rides and coffees!  Mike and I floated along (literally) the Mekong taking in the sights, the people, and copious amounts of delicious food – all with hardly extracting an ounce of effort.  Here’s to adventuring through Vietnam!

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2 Responses to Ignorance really is Bliss?

  1. martha.weinfurter@gmail.com says:

    Here’s to spontaneity and serendipity!

  2. Andrew Ghiossi says:

    Planning is overrated. Hooooray adventure!

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